Find your real estate broker in France

For the purchase of an apartment or a detached house in a senior residence, you can get help from a real estate broker . Concretely, it is an expert in the field of bank loans who can help you achieve your project.

Finding your real estate broker is an essential step in optimizing your chances of obtaining credit. According to Papernest, here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a professional:

  • Registration with ORIAS;
  • The services offered;
  • The size of the network;
  • Transparency on partners and practices.

The role of the real estate broker

Insofar as the real estate broker has an extensive network, he can help you obtain the best credit conditions and therefore repayment. For a senior, this condition is very important insofar as you must protect your purchasing power and your assets.

The real estate broker is also a professional who must offer tailor-made services. Depending on your financial situation, he will be able to draw up a list of the most suitable offers.

Then, he can also help you perform a mortgage simulation. However, this is also a task that you can do on your own.

Finally, its role is also to help you build a solid file to send to banking institutions. To learn more about the role of the real estate broker, click here .

The joy of living in retirement in the heart of Perpignan

When you make the choice of a senior residence for independent people, you do not always realize the importance of the geographical location. However, it is an essential factor in the well-being of everyday life. It is normal to visit several establishments to compare them and to project oneself in his possible future place of life. Few of the residences are located in the city center, and yet you will need to consider the following criteria before deciding.


Choosing a residence located in the city center allows you to remain independent for your travels: shopping, walks in the pedestrian zone, cultural outings, and to preserve your safety more easily, without depending on third parties. Everything is located in the immediate vicinity. Goodbye cars, garages, public transport!


Many doctors' offices, specialists, pharmacies and laboratories are located in the city center and come to the residence if you are unable to travel. It is the role of the senior residences to accompany you in the various procedures, to assist you in finding a care service, to make an appointment, to book transport, to monitor the results and to order the medications.


Being in the heart of the city offers you the possibility of having many restaurants nearby.

The residences generally offer an on-site catering service. Many subcontract this service to an outside company, but some, more rarely, have their chef and manager on site. This is the case, for example, with the Bleu Castillet residence in Perpignan and its restaurant l'Orange Bleue. In the event of temporary fatigue or prolonged convalescence, the staff will bring you the meal trays at home.

How to finance your move to a senior residence?

The senior residence is a type of accommodation reserved for seniors wishing to live in a pleasant setting while enjoying their autonomy. Seniors can have a full service for household chores. Installation in this type of accommodation can be done through purchase or rental. Here, we will mainly focus on the methods to finance a move into a senior residence.

Calculating the remainder to live: an important step

In order to finance an installation in a senior residence, you can of course have recourse to a mortgage. This is an approach entirely accessible to the elderly who now want to enjoy a setting conducive to their relaxation and personal development.

The Papernest Guide is an expert guide in the field of real estate bank loans. In order to obtain a positive response from the banks, you will have to calculate your remainder to live. On this subject, you will find much more information in this article .


Parking is sometimes complex for the rare senior residences located in the city center, but spaces are generally reserved for visitors, thus making visits from friends or family possible and frequent.

What does the rest to live represent?

Concretely, the remainder to live represents the amount of money you have left after paying your monthly payment to the bank. It should allow you to continue to meet your needs while gradually repaying your credit. During this calculation, you will have to take into account many elements:

  • The net monthly salary;
  • Current credits;
  • Monthly fixed charges.

According to Papernest, it is also important to mention the different support payments that you have to pay. As a senior, the bank will assess the conditions of your retirement in order to estimate your ability to repay a loan. If your remainder to live is more than sufficient, you will be able to finance your installation in a senior residence much more easily.